Get to know me

Hello I'm

Bleu M Acosta

I'm a self-taught photographer who is passionate about documenting my people's biggest life moments.

Photographs don't seem important until it's all you have left so let's documenting your life today!

Services I offer: 


Do you require a deposit?

Yes. There is a 30% or studio fee deposit at the time of booking.

What is your turn-around time?

Hour sessions : 14 days
Weddings: 40 days
Video: 40 days

Do you offer videography?

I offer small video clips to /hr sessions so you can have fun reels to post from your session.
If you're looking for a wedding film I always recommend my talented friends at Lexshoot for all things wedding films.

p.s. you can book us as team for photo + video and I promise you'll have the dream team for your wedding!

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